Courtenay Welcome

Artist | Activist | Creative Director | Critical Thinker

The work aims to expand our understanding of sculpture and painting, with a special interest in the ways that these mediums can become one. Exploring the rich complexities of race, memory, space and time. Held by a critical infrastructure that examines pre-existing texts, these texts illustrate dreams, love, race relations and revolutionary thought. The artist documents transitions from one embodiment to another, while critically addressing the ways in which these transitions are perceived by institutional means. Often these documentations are bodies of material culture captured though photography - speaking specifically to identity construction and lifestyle. Disrupting pre-existing ways of looking and thinking about images and objects in space. Experimental mark makings relationship to the body and its emotions, these explorations are often in critical dialogue with a history of refusal.

The meaning of the repetitive symbolism '● ●' within the work changes with the times, it's most commonly linked to the presence of a person. Focusing on the visual communication of the eyes, layering consciousness, perspective, observations of visual culture, external gazes, sensory input and the imagination.

Current interests of the artist include: 'Black Conceptualism', 'Freedom Dreams', Water, Care, the role of the artists hands and experimental mark making.