Artist, Activist, Creative Director and Critical Thinker.

Welcome’s work explores the rich complexities of race, memory, space and time through painting, installation, text and performance. These explorations tackle, mimic, reconstruct and shift the perspective of universal “truths” within the white walls of the western art world.
 Welcome depicts the sense of self though lived experiences. Documenting transitions from one embodiment to another, while critically addressing the ways in which these transitions are perceived by institutional means. All informed by a critical infrastructure of decolonisation.

Email: courtenaywelcome@hotmail.com



Exploring and celebrating the experiences and work of female/non-binary artists of UWE for International Womens Week.

The Crypt
Bedminster, Bristol UK

Services include: Curation, Development, Design, Fabrication, Instullation, Publication

March 2018

Hope Carroll
Cat Pritchard
Jessica Wardle-Twitchen
Ella Riggs
Lydia Cooper
Julie Hinchliffe
Keely Hohmann
Isobel Manley
Ella Punter
CK Martin
Kiara Corales
Molly Harcombe
Anika Deb
Frances Alicia Cooper

Skye Meredith Turner
Ashley O'Sheehan
Ellie Rees

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